Quality follis of Theophilus (829-842), Constantinople, Byzantine Empire

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ӨEOFILOS BASIL, Crowned bust facing, holding cross potent and akakia; star to left / Large M; X/X/X to left, N/N/N to right, Ө below. DOC 13; SB 1666. 30mm, 7.98 grams. Constantinople mint. DOC 10; SB 1642.

Very nice quality, rare this nice.

Michael II, called the Amorian and the Stammerer, reigned as Byzantine Emperor from 25 December 820 to his death on 2 October 829, the first ruler of the Amorian dynasty. Born in Amorium, Michael was a soldier, rising to high rank along with his colleague Leo V the Armenian. He helped Leo overthrow and take the place of Emperor Michael I Rangabe. However, after they fell out Leo sentenced Michael to death. Michael then masterminded a conspiracy which resulted in Leo's assassination at Christmas in 820. 



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