Silver drachm, Alkhan-Nezak type, c.650s, Ghazna?, Turko-Hepthalites in Gandhara

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Silver drachm, Alkhan-Nezak type, c.650s, Turko-Hepthalites in Gandhara - with a "beetle" countermark

Bust right wearing a spiky headdress; SRIO ShAHO and a letter 'A' behind bust, countermark in shape of a small beetle / Attendants and a fire altar, derived fromthe Sassanian coins, two 8-spoked sun wheels in upper fields. 26mm, 2.96 grams. Ghazna mint?. For the host coin: MACW 1491-1494. Vondrovec (2014) type 225; Göbl, Documente Em. 225; MAC 1520+.

Darkly toned silver. 

It is unclear who minted these coins. They are based on the Nezak design and were probably minted by the Huns or Western Turkic people who overran the Nezaks.



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