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Very rare! Nummus (AE4) of King Baduila (541-552 AD), Pavia mint, Ostrogothic Kingdom in Italy

Very rare! Nummus (AE4) of King Baduila (541-552 AD), Pavia mint, Ostrogothic Kingdom in Italy

Bust right / Wreath around DNR / B. 9mm, 0.82 grams. Pavia mint. Grierson #164-165; Metlich 195b. 

These very rare and obscure coins were minted in Pavia and are usually described as 2 1/2 nummus coins. The obverse inscription is probably that of Anastasius, while the reverse (which shows some variations) DN R/B stands for "DOMINUS NOSTRORUM REX BADUILA" ("Lord of the world, King Baduila"). This piece is of very high quality for these coins!

Totila, original name Baduila (died July 1, 552) was the King of the Ostrogoths, reigning from 541 to 552 AD. A skilled military and political leader, Totila reversed the tide of Gothic War, recovering by 543 almost all the territories in Italy that the Eastern Roman Empire had captured from his Kingdom in 540. A relative of Theudis, sword-bearer of Theodoric the Great and king of the Visigoths, Totila was elected king by Ostrogothic nobles in the autumn of 541 after King Witigis had been carried off prisoner to Constantinople. In the spring of 544 the Eastern Roman emperor Justinian I sent his general Belisarius to Italy to counterattack, but Totila, captured Rome in 546 from Belisarius and depopulated the city after a yearlong siege. When Totila left to fight the Byzantines in Lucania, south of Naples, Belisarius retook Rome and rebuilt its fortifications. After Belisarius retreated to Constantinople in 549, Totila recaptured Rome, going on to complete the reconquest of Italy and Sicily. By the end of 550, Totila had recaptured all but Ravenna and four coastal towns. The following year Justinian sent his general Narses with a force of 35,000 Lombards, Gepids and Heruli to Italy in a march around the Adriatic to approach Ravenna from the north. In the Battle of Taginae, a decisive engagement during the summer of 552, in the Apennines near present-day Fabriano, the Gothic army was defeated, and Totila was mortally wounded. Totila was succeeded by his relative, Teia, who later died at the Battle of Mons Lactarius. Pockets of resistance, reinforced by Franks and Alemanni who had invaded Italy in 553, continued until 562, when the Byzantines were in control of the whole of the country. The country was so ravaged by war that any return to normal life proved impossible, and only three years after his death most of the country was conquered by Alboin of the Lombards, who absorbed the remaining Ostrogothic population. 

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